Take the guess work out of your wellness treatment! 
The Zyto analyses the galvanic skin response, to work out which essential oils or supplements are needed to bring about balance... both physically and emotionally.
Your body's natural responses are tracked and ranked, then analysed using the individual dōTERRA information. 
The scan takes just a few minutes making it especially suitable for children and even animals.
It uses technology similar to that of a lie detector test.  
At the end of the scan you will receive a report displaying a ranking of the oils or supplements, that resulted in the greater biological coherence.
It is quick, the information is personalised, and can be used to assist you as you make choices to maintain health and wellness.

Change your perspective, change your life, re-focus your energy to where is should be, break old patterns, heal relationships.
Using the same technology, this advanced EVOX scan is an amazing and powerful therapy that can change your life! 
ZYTO bio-scan - $70  
30 mins
Includes the scan, plus a detailed report and recommendations.  
ZYTO EVOX bio-scan - $120
60 mins