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Ayurveda is traditional medicine from India.  It is the world’s oldest recorded medicine,
inspired and developed by the great masters of ancient India.
The ‘Vedas’ – the ancient texts date back to more than 5000 years ago
It has been proven over thousands of years and is completely compatible
with our contemporary understanding of how nature works.  
The Vedas dealt with many areas, ranging from Pharmacology, Herbal Medicine,
Surgery, Rejuvenation, Detoxification and Yoga to name a few.
Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word 
·‘ayu’ – means life
·‘veda’ – means science or knowledge
It is a complete system dealing with all the components necessary for holistic health :
Every person has their own unique blend of 'Doshas' (or body types), that is decided at conception.
This is your 'Prakruti.'
Throughout life, the balance is constantly changing due to experiences, stresses and influences.
This is your 'Vikruti.'
During a consultaion your unique constitution is assessed and imbalances are treated to help facilitate optimal health and wellbeing.
Ayurveda’s aims:
Promotion, prolongation and maintenance of healthy and happy human life + Prevention and cure of disease

·     Ayurveda recognizes that there is no one prescription for health that caters for everyone

·     We must treat the person as an individual, not just the symptom or disease

·     We must treat the person holistically, by looking at their individual constitution

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