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Our facials range from luscious, cleansing and rejuvenating experiences,
to potent, proven, professional anti-ageing therapies. 
Ginger & Me works on a Neuro-Cosmedical level, specifically working on the 2 main modern day disruptors - stress and neuro-aging.  So as people seem more stressed and disconnected than ever, we are offering a treatment that addresses the health of the skin and the mind.
ADD ON LED Photonsmart light treatment to any facial for only $50


60 minute Radiance 'Ginger & Me' facial - $135        

60 minute MINDFULNESS 'Ginger & Me' facial - $145


The MINDFULNESS sessions are designed to treat skin conditions,

while being guided with a professional MEDITATION session that will soothe the mind.

They are next level indulgence to the 'Radiance' facial with a specialised mask, massage routine and Mindfulness meditation via headphones.

There are 5 empowering 'Ginger&Me' journeys to experience:

Age-defying   Lemon Brightening   Hydrating   Purifying   Corrective 

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