O's 'cosmedical' approach uses the purest of medical grade ingredients and cosmetic science, and blends it harmoniously with nature, for amazing results. 
Skin care that delivers staggering benefits, corrects the passage of time and lays the foundation for timeless beautiful skin...  just what we should expect from high performing products.  
Pomegranate Enzyme treatment peel                  45min     $ 95
Beautiful entry level peel.  Soothes sensitivity, redness, inflammation and rosacea. Gentle while still delivering great results.
Pumpkin Fruit Enzyme treatment peel                45min     $ 95
Great for all skin types, improves texture, promotes collagen and elastin, evens out skin tone and pigmentation.
Oxygenating Enzyme treatment peel                 45min     $125
The perfect peel for all skin types.
An instant boost with fruit acids and oxygenating peptides to renewal, hydrate,
plump and smooth even the most tired of skins.
Skin prepped with home care is recommended but not essential. 
Great as a 'party prep' treatment.
Bio-White Enzyme treatment peel                       45min     $125
Brightens, smooths fine lines, freshens and rejuvenates. The perfect choice for pigmentation.
Skin must be prepped with home care prior to this treatment.
Catalyst Retinol                                                         45min     $135
Delivering 2% encapsulated Retinol, with Niacinamide and natural fruit acids to boost,
rejuvenate and normalise skin function.
Skin must be prepped with home care prior to this treatment.
Alpha Beta                                                                   45min     $135
Powerful skin rejuvenator for serious skin resurfacing.
Skin must be prepped with home care prior to this treatment.
Diamond MicroDermabrasion                               30min     $65
Gently exfoliates and removes the superficial layer of dry, dead and redundant
skin cells, to reveal smoother, softer skin and promotes cell turnover.
Includes Cleanse, Micro, Hydrator, SPF
Infusion - Electro-Mesotherapy
Viora Infusion delivers safe, effective therapeutic serums through the skin's outer
layers to the dermis below. 
It creates temporary passageways through the skin without puncturing the skin.
  • Anti-wrinkle and Lifting for skin lifting and the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Collagen Booster for skin firming and tightening.
  • Intensive Hydration for dry and mature skin.
  • Skin Lightening for even out skin tone
  • LipoElim for body sculpting, fluid retention and Cellulite
  • Skin Firm to replenish dry and sagging skin
  • Anti-Stretch mark for damaged skin
MicroDerabrasion + LED                                         50min     $110
MicroDerabrasion + Infusion                                 50min     $115
MicroDerabrasion + Infusion + LED                      60min     $155
Body Peel + Infusion  (body)                                    60min     $125
Infusion (body)                                                            30min     $ 65
Infusion - Electro-Mesotherapy
The Ionwave comes in contact with the cell.   It rearranges the cell's lipid layer to form Micro Pores or channels.  The specific serum is then delivered to the cells, and the channels are resealed. 

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