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O's 'cosmedical' approach uses the purest of medical grade ingredients and cosmetic science, and blends it harmoniously with nature, for amazing results. 
Skin care that delivers staggering benefits, corrects the passage of time and lays the foundation for timeless beautiful skin...  just what we should expect from high performing products.  
ADD ON LED Photonsmart light treatment to any facial for only $50

Pomegranate Enzyme treatment peel                       $ 130
Beautiful entry level peel.  Soothes sensitivity and redness. Gentle while still delivering great results.  Perfect for sensitive skin.
Pumpkin Fruit Enzyme treatment peel                     $ 130
Great for all skin types, improves texture, promotes collagen and elastin, evens out skin tone and pigmentation.
Oxygenating Enzyme treatment peel                      $ 145
The perfect peel for all skin types.
An instant boost with fruit acids and oxygenating peptides to renewal, hydrate,
plump and smooth even the most tired of skins.
Skin prepped with home care is recommended but not essential. 
Great as a 'party prep' treatment.
Bio-White Enzyme treatment peel                            $ 145
Brightens, smooths fine lines, freshens and rejuvenates. The perfect choice for pigmentation.
Skin must be prepped with home care prior to this treatment.
Catalyst Retinol                                                               $ 145
Delivering 2% encapsulated Retinol, with Niacin-amide and natural fruit acids to boost,
rejuvenate and normalise skin function.
Skin must be prepped with home care prior to this treatment.
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